Monday, September 4, 2017

Dividend Kid is now A Bright Millennial - Under Construction

  Please excuse our bytes while we make the transition from Dividend Kid to A Bright Millennial! We are very excited to announce that after many many months of inactivity Dividend Kid will now become A Bright Millennial. Not to worry though, It still is old DK behind the umm keyboard. That said, the content of this site and it's associated social media accounts will shift quite drastically. Dividend Kid was a great start but through my writing Div Kid I found my true passion lay not with dividends, but in personal finance as a whole. Looking back some of my favorite posts alluded to this. Moving forward ABM will be about personal finance from the perspective of the millennial. Educating the masses in early life personal finance is extremely valuable and I have found a love for doing just that. 

Please stay tuned as ABM will soon become much more active than Div Kid ever was. 

Hold on to your butts... we are going places!


ABM is run by a bright millennial who thinks outside of the box. Interested in saving money when others spend it ABM has been investing for many years. As such, ABM wishes to use the experience gained to help others who want to increase their financial IQ


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