Friday, October 7, 2016

Taking Steps In The Right Direction

Like I mentioned in my previous post I spent this summer in Omaha Nebraska working for Union Pacific Rail Road. Not only was this a great time for me to learn more about my career field but I also learned many things relevant to investing. Union Pacific liked to talk about moving up and to the right. They used this to talk about charts comparing cost avoidance and customer satisfaction. The goal of this chart was to show an increase in cost avoidance over the year, while increasing the supplier customer satisfaction. Up and to the right can be used in many areas and after looking at my portfolio I decided to create my own up and to the right graph. My graph compares total portfolio value and dividends received. I think for someone starting their journey like me seeing these two lines on the same graph is very important. Without further delay here is my up and to the right graph.

As you can see this shows my portfolio value and dividends received moving up and to the right. Not only are my portfolio value and dividends received increasing, but they are still increasing and should always increase. This graph is something I want to continue utilizing so I have added it to My Portfolio page as well.

I look forward to exiting college with no student debt and continuing on this journey towards financial freedom.

Do you have any goals you can measure looking up and to the right?
If you graphed these values would your graph look like mine?
Have you learned anything from your career you can apply to investing?

I am a 21 year old kid who seeks to create a life of financial independence via passive income. The accumulation and growth of quality dividend yielding stocks will be the main source of income and this is my journey.


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  1. looks like its moving in the right direction so keep adding and collecting those dividends