Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dividend Kid Portfolio Update: September 2016

Another month has passed us by and I have some exciting updates to share. My portfolio has increased by 105% year over year and 19% month over month. Looking back on my journey so far I feel I have made serious progress towards building a sound and diversified portfolio. In the last 20 months I have also accumulated $375 in dividend income. This is outstanding and now that the monthly income is starting to add up I can truly appreciate the power of dividends. As I once learned the power of compound interest the power of strong and stable dividends is just as powerful. I look forward to what this month holds as I have already made the two largest single purchases of equity in my portfolio's history!

I would also like to mention that the thumbnail photo for this post is a photograph from yours truly. I have spoke in the past here, about spending meaningful money. As photography has always been a passion of mine I decided about a year ago to buy an extremely high quality, professional camera. This camera has not only led to me spending more quality time with friends and family outdoors, but will one day turn into a meaningful side hustle. Photography is a passion I can continue pursuing after I achieve financial independence for fun and income. Look for a post about side hustles and their value in the coming days!

Here are my updated portfolio charts, metrics and a few other interesting measurable's for September of 2016. These charts and graphs are now reflected in the 'My Portfolio' page.

I am a 22 year old kid who seeks to create a life of financial independence via passive income. The accumulation and growth of quality dividend yielding stocks will be the main source of income and this is my journey.


  1. Doing good keep on buying and collecting those dividends

  2. Replies
    1. Up and to the right! Hope your are doing well yourself!

  3. Congrats on your portfolio growth. I see a lot of single shares, do you use Motif or a free trading platform, or do you pay trading fees for each share?

    1. Thank You! The single shares are typically an initial entry point on a stock that I never made it back to due to lack of cash reserves. In the case of South 32, I was awarded 1 share due to the shares I held at the time of the spin off which was very early in my investing journey. As my capital is limited and my income erratic I trade with Robinhood App. They charge no fees or commission which allows me to make orders in small bunches without increasing costs. Thanks for stopping by!