Thursday, July 9, 2015

July Stock Watch List

It is again a new month, a new opportunity. Another chance to deploy my depreciating cash and exchange it for dividend growth stocks. Even though I have only been investing in dividend yielding companies since March, I am already seeing how powerful this investing strategy is. Not only have I collected $42.01 in dividends, but I collected this passive income simply by being a shareholder. I understand that this is just the beginning, but with the high quality companies I have chosen this number will only go up. 

So with the passing of July 1st I started looking at companies I was interested in adding to my portfolio. Admittedly though this was set back a tad due to the 4th of July. Nevertheless my list this month is full of mostly undervalued and always popular companies. 

This month I am going to really be looking for a little higher current yield as my purchases that ended June were a bit on the growth side of things (watch for an upcoming post on these purchases). Furthermore I am extra interested in the financial sector as my portfolio is still lacking in that area. 

July Stock Watch List

Bank of Nova Scotia 

This is a company I initiated a small position in a while back. I currently own 2 shares of (BNS). Don't laugh, this position comprises 1% of my entire portfolio. With a current yield of 4.41% and a payout ratio of 47.5% BNS has that hard to find combo that we are all looking for. Great current yield and room to run. While admittedly the dividend growth rate is not fantastic. With 3 consecutive years of growth and a 4.6% growth rate BNS has some explaining to do but I am willing to give them a chance. 

Travelers Co.

(TRV) is pretty hot right now in the DGI community, and for good reason. Travelers has a current yield of 2.44% and a rock bottom payout ratio of 26.2%. 6 consecutive years of growth are backed up by an annualized 3 year dividend growth rate of 10.6%. A position in TRV would be the first insurance company in the Div Kid portfolio and a seemingly great place to start. 


I may have missed the boar on the outstanding run the stock has had over the last year but I am still interested. My time horizon is 20 years and because of that I can afford to take a risk on a company like this. (V) is up over 25% year to date and is making a name for itself in the DGI community as a possible contender. Sporting a currently minuscule yield of .72% widespread adoption has yet to be seen. With 6 years of dividend yield growth it's safe to say V is certainly considering making a splash.

Other companies that do not currently fit my immediate interests but are up for consideration.


ABC: Bold denotes current holding

What have you purchased recently?
Are any of my considerations on your list?
Any big updates with your portfolio or strategy?

I am a 21 year old kid who seeks to create a life of financial independence via passive income. The accumulation and growth of quality dividend yielding stocks will be the main source of income and this is my journey.



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